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CBC - Special Report on Canada’s Prisons

This is a site put out by the CBC to compliment their Special Report on Canada’s prisons which aired in April 2001. The site contains the full three hour broadcast which contains segments on guards, lifers, women in prison and the Special Handling Unit. The site also includes a video tour of Collins Bay medium security penitentiary and a remarkable tour of the Special Handling Unit, marking the first time television cameras have ever been inside Canada’s supermax. The SHU segment contains interviews with two prisoners whose experiences are also recorded in Justice behind the Walls. This also includes an interview with Professor Michael Jackson: http://cbc.ca/clips/ram-lo/mansbridge_supermax010403.ram

This site includes video footage of a parole hearing and articles and photos from MacLean’s magazine Special Report on prisons. The site also contains the transcripts of CBC News Big Picture Chat on Canada’s prisons, including viewers’ questions to CBC producer Rosie Rowbotham.

You will need RealPlayer installed on your computer to view the video on this site.

U. S. Public Radio’s Prision Diaries This site records the results of a project by the U. S. Public Radio’s Prision Diaries in which five prisoners, four correctional officers and a judge were given tape recorders, and for six months the diarists kept audio journals and recorded the sounds and scenes of everyday life behind bars. The series is a remarkable portrait of prison life. Prison Diaries is linked to the website www.360degrees.org which is an in-depth account of some of the prisoners who have kept diaries, as well as interviews with family members, judges, lawyers, correction officers, victims and victims families. Using the technology of 360-degree QuickTime panoramas, the site allows viewers to enter the prisoner’s cell, the judges chamber or families living room while listening to the audio diaries.

If you click on this site at the link to www.360degrees.org and enter either the Flash Site or the Non-Flash Site and click on resources you will find a set of resource links including recommended reading, videos and films, radio programmes, and online links to both government and non-governmental resources addressing prison issues in the United States. One such link is www.albany.edu/sourcebook/ a site that brings together data from more than 100 sources of all aspects of criminal justice in the United States.
Dan Gardner: Crime and Punishment Dan Gardner is a journalist with the Ottawa Citizen. In 2001-2002 he wrote a series of articles examining how different countries deal with the issue of crime and punishment. The series includes a comparison of Canadian, Russian, Finnish and U.S. policy and a view inside prisons in these countries, including the Super Max Pelican Bay Institution, the deep end of California's prison system.
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