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International Corrections and Prisons Association This is the site of the International Corrections and Prisons Association. The ICPA is an organization of criminal justice professions from a number of countries and provides a forum to share ideas and practices aimed at advancing professional corrections. Its president is Ole Ingstrup, the former Commissioner of the Corrections Service of Canada. The site contains the correction legislation for a number of countries including Canada, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and South Africa and the site has a number of useful research links. For example, there is a link to the United Nations site where you can find the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisons and the Declaration against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman of Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the site of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales, as well as links to the prison services of a number of countries including Belgium, Finland, Scotland, Sweden and New Zealand. There are also links to a number of non-governmental associations involved in corrections and human rights both in North America and other parts of the world.
International Centre for Prison Studies This is the Website for the International Centre for Prison Studies, based at King’s College, London. The International Centre, founded in 1997, seeks to assist governments and other relevant agencies to develop appropriate policies on prisons and the use of imprisonment. Its aims are “to develop a body of knowledge, based on international covenants and instruments, about the principles on which the use of imprisonment should be based, which can be used as a sound foundation for policies on prison issues” and “to build up a resource network for the spread of best practice in prison management worldwide to which prison administrators can turn for practical advise on how to manage prison systems which are just, decent, humane and cost effective”. A useful feature of this site is the World Prison Brief, which is the first online resource to offer a comprehensive database of information on the prison system over 200 countries.
Penal Reform International This is the website of Penal Reform International, a non-governmental organization founded in London in 1989. PRI has members in five continents in over 80 countries. The site is an excellent source of information on prison systems worldwide and the PRI’s publications include their annual reports, manuals and policy documents. The manuals include “Making Standards Work” and an international handbook on good prison practice which is available from this website.
World Criminal Justice Library This is the site of the World Criminal Justice Library, an electronic network whose mission is to “develop specific ways of sharing services and criminal justice information on a global scale”. From this site you can access library catalogues on the internet, online periodicals, new publications and research reports on criminal justice as well as linking to government and non-governmental criminal justice sites around the world (although many of these sites are in the countries’ official language).
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