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The Other Side of the Wall This is a U.S. site focusing on prisons and the death penalty. If features articles from prisoners and prison critics, summaries and full text of “decisions and provides links to other online information on U.S. Prisons. This is one of the best U.S. sites and its links provide a multitude of resources. It even provides a listing of C.D.’s of prison songs.
Prison Activist Resource Centre (PARC), This is the website of the Prison Activist Resource Centre (PARC), a U.S. based site for “progressive and radical information on prisons and the criminal prosecution system”. The site is host to a number of other prisoners right’s sites, many of which are based in California. The site has large number of “Prison Activist Links”, including prison activist organizations around the world including sites on prisoner support, prison law and prison activism. This site has a useful annotated bibliography.
Fortune Society This is the site of the Fortune Society, a U.S. based organization staffed primarily by ex-offenders, dedicated to educating the public about prisons, criminal justice issues, and the root causes of crime. The site contains issues of the societies’ publication, fortune news, including its Summer 2001 issue on supermax prisons. (www.fortunesociety.org/supermax.pdf).
Stanford Prison Experiment The famous Stanford Prison experiment is reconstructed on this site through a slide show and information about this classic psychology experiment. The site includes a thirty year retrospective on the experiment together with Professor Zimbardo’s reflections on the experiment.
Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians/Foreigners in American Prisons This is the site of the Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians/Foreigners/American Prisons, and contains a wide ranging source of information and links to prison related issues. This site contains a great deal of information on the U.S. criminal justice system, including legal research links to judgments of the U.S. Supreme Court, and U.S. Courts of Appeal.
Prison Legal News Prison legal news is a monthly journal edited by a Washington State prisoner Paul Wright. It is available by subscription. PLN reports on U.S. court decisions, affecting prisoners and is aimed at “helping prisoners and their supporters organize themselves to have a voice, and to be a progressive force in developing a public policy debate around the issue of crime and punishment”. The site has a link to U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Court of Appeals decisions and to U.S. and State Department of Corrections websites.
Prison Zone This is a site dedicated to prisoner’s art, writing and photography.
Prison Sucks Prisonsucks.com is a clearinghouse for useful, verifiable statistics about the crime control industry. An interesting feature is the “Incarceration clock” which records the number of prisoners in US prisons and jails and is updated at least twice a year based on the latest statistics from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics.
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