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Government Sites
Correctional Service of Canada This is the Correctional Service of Canada’s website and is a primary resource for accessing the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, 1992, the CCR Regulations, Commissioners Directives and Standing Operating Practices. The site also contains information about CSC’s organization, a list and addresses of all institutions, and an archive of research documents and publications from international forums. From this site, you can also link to the Federal Department of Justice, the websites of Provincial and Territorial departments that deal with the administration of justice and corrections and a number of non-governmental websites.
Federal Department of the Solicitor General (since 2003, Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada [PSEPC]) This site features research publications and summaries of research in the area of corrections produced by the Federal Department of the Solicitor General.
The National Parole Board This is The National Parole Board’s site, and contains information about the history of parole, the mandate and mission of the National Parole Board and research documents.
Office of the Correctional Investigator, Canada’s Federal Corrections Ombudsman This is the site of the Office of the Correctional Investigator, Canada’s Federal Corrections Ombudsman. The site sets out the mandate, role and responsibilities of the CI’s office and contains electronic copies of the CI’s Annual Reports from 1998-99 on. The site also contains links to the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada.
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