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January 28, 2004


In a report released January 28, entitled Protecting Their Rights, the Canadian Human Rights Commission finds that women prisoners continue to face systemic human rights problems in the federal correctional system.

The reportís main finding is that the correctional system needs to be more tailored to the unique needs and generally lower security risks posed by women offenders. Specifically, the correctional system should take a more gender-based approach to custody, programming and reintegration for women offenders.

The Commission found that, while Correctional Service Canada has made some progress in developing a system specifically for women offenders, systemic human rights problems remain, particularly with regard to Aboriginal women, racialized women and women with disabilities.

The report puts forward 19 recommendations for action and sets out guiding principles to ensure that the treatment of federally sentenced women is consistent with human rights laws. To read the report click here.

To read the submissions made to the Human Rights Commission , including those of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, other womens' advocate groups, Amnesty International and the Correctional Investigator, click here.

Michael Jackson