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The Disciplinary Process at Kent

January 1994: The Knight Case -- A Brew of Excellent Quality

Similar Acts, Different Sentences -- Kent and Matsqui Compared

February to April 1994: The Unger, Ratcliff and McKay Cases -- Fighting, Assaults or Threats to Assault

March 1994: Mohamoud and Blair Cases -- The Importance of Counsel

March 1994: The Fuson Case -- A Set-up?

The Newsome Case -- Fairness in the War Against Drugs

The Longtin and Godfrey Cases - The Presumptive Value of Internal Drug Tests

May 1994: The Chartrand Case -- A Correctional Video and The Eye of the Beholder

May 1994: The Kennedy and Sims Cases -- More Sentence Disparity

January 1995: The Mack and McLaughlin Cases -- A Syringe in the Shampoo

December 1994 and January 1995: The Rogers and Polak Cases -- Double Bunked in Segregation

August and September 1994: Rumble in the Jungle -- The Mike Tyson Fight at Kent

August and September 1994: The Hanlon, Belluz and Binford Cases -- Involuntary Transfers, Administrative Segregation and Punitive Segregation: A Case of Cumulative Punishment

The History of Rock and Roll -- Time for Alternative Music?

November 1994: The L’Hirondelle Case -- Attempted Assault: A Misleading Offence Report

The Miller Case - All Contraband is not Alike

November and December 1994: The Sweat Lodge Incident -- An Issue of Discipline or Reconciliation?

November 1994: The Hadden Case -- Discipline for Attempting Suicide

January 1995: The Merk and Jago Cases -- The Indelible Mark of Maximum Security