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I would like to thank the many prisoners who shared their experiences with me. Although it is invidious to select from the many who provided me with important insights, I acknowledge particularly the help of Jack McCann, Andy Bruce, Ralph Cochrane, and Edgar Roussel. I would also like to thank the Canadian Corrections Service for their co-operation in enabling me to carry out the research for this book, especially for providing access to institutions and allowing me to interview correctional administrators, staff, and prisoners. In particular I would like to thank J.U.M. Sauve and Howard Mansfield of National Headquarters in Ottawa; John Dowsett and John Stonowski, the former and present wardens of Kent Institution; J. J. Hayes, a psychologist at the special handling unit in Millhaven; and Malcolm Johnson, a psychologist at the special handling unit in the Correctional Development Centre.

Nicole Daignault and Michael Ignatieff read earlier drafts of the book, and I thank them for their thoughtful suggestions. Fergus O'Connor reviewed the Segregation Code and made helpful proposals for its improvement. To the students in the Administration of Criminal Justice seminar at the University of British Columbia Law School, who was the book's first critical audience, I express my appreciation for their reviews.

I was buoyed up by the continuing enthusiasm provided by Virgil Duff of the University of Toronto Press, and I have benefited from his editorial direction. Kathy Johnson's meticulous editing has undoubtedly refined the text. This book has been published with the help of a grant from the Social Science Federation of Canada, using funds provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and a grant from the Public captions Fund of University of Toronto Press.

To Audrey Fiene who, in typing and retyping the manuscript and commenting on it as it took shape, showed more dedication than any author could reasonably expect, I express my deep gratitude.

Finally, to Marcy, who shared with me many of the experiences that gave rise to this book, and to Shane and Melissa, whose questions about justice, informed by the eyes of childhood, have provoked many of my own, I hope this book in some way makes up for all the times I have not been home.

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