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The Disciplinary Process at Matsqui

July 1993: Mr. Routleys Court

August 1993: The Wagner Case - The Disciplinary Process in Context

August 1993: Brew Parties - Different Strokes for Different Folks

August 1993: Mr. Wagners Second Appearance

September 1993: Minor Disciplinary Court -- Due Process Gets a Rough Ride

The Clark Case -- "You Cant Get Closer to a Grape Than a Raisin"

November 1993: The Borasso Case -- Threatening to Take Hostages

November 1993: Mr. Walters Court

November 1993: The Gordon Case -- Whose Brew?

December 1993: The Longtin Case -- Whose Brew This Time?

December 1993: The Miller Case -- Can Prison Hospitals Make Mistakes?

December 1993: The Nicholas Case -- The Difference a Lawyer Makes

The Disciplinary Process at Yearís End -- Perception and Perspective

January 1994: Due Process Visits the Principalís Office

Urinalysis and The Loss of Liberty

The Hanko Case

The Teed Case

July 1998: Postscript