location: publications / books / Justice Behind the Walls / Sector 5 / Chapter 5 Super Max to Club Fed: The Journey from Outlawry

Title Super Max to Club Fed

Rage and Resistance

Back to the SHU -- An Opening Salvo in the War on Drugs

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Prisoner

Rebuttal and Decision

Assessing Assessment at the SHU

Wrapping Your Mind around Fairness

Life at Club Fed

An Elder-Assisted Parole Hearing

February 2 -- The First Foray into the Community

February 5 -- The Assault of Curtis Caziere

February 5 -- Gary Weavers Initial Segregation

February 8 -- Return to Segregation

February 11-18 -- The Five-Day Review Process

The RCMP Investigation

The IPSOs Investigation

A Lawyers Investigation

March 4-9 -- The Thirty-Day Review: A Minimalist Approach

March 15 -- Notice of Involuntary Transfer

The Same Rights, Privileges and Conditions of Confinement

March 31 -- The Rebuttal to the Involuntary Transfer Notice

March 31-April 8 -- The Sixty-Day Review -- "Some Little Things"

A Petition for Habeas Corpus

April 28 -- Release from Segregation

April 28 -- Release from Segregation

A Report Card on Legal Compliance

The Gary Weaver Case and Independent Adjudication

May 3 -- A Day in Court: Injustice Can Be Its Own Reward

Life Below the 49th Parallel