location: publications / books / Justice Behind the Walls / Sector 4 / Chapter 4 The Task Force on Administrative Segregation 1996-7

The Task Force on Administrative Segregation

A Chairperson’s Perspective

Kent Institution -- Blood on the Floor

Mission Institution -- Segregation: The Cutting Edge, The Hurting Edge

Renous -- Stitching a Slash with Dental Floss

Springhill -- Twisting and Torquing the Spirit and the Law

Dorchester -- Renovating the Bastille

Nova -- The Shackling of Expectations

Edmonton -- A Violation of Trust

The Preliminary Findings of the Task Force and the Compliance Audit

The Task Force Recommendations: Enhanced Internal Review or Independent Adjudication?

Conditions of Confinement -- Giving Effect to Legal Rights

Aboriginal Prisoners in Segregation

A Profile of the Segregated

Population Management -- "The Wedge of Intrusion"

The Segregation Advisory Committee

The CSC’s Response to the Task Force on Segregation -- A Study in Resistance

An Appeal to "Slumbering Humanity"

The Equation for Reform