location: publications / books / Justice Behind the Walls / Sector 4 / Chapter 3 The Arbour Report: The Indictment of a System

The Arbour Report

What Happened at the Prison for Women

The Segregation Unit at the P4W, April 22-26, 1994

The Strip Search of April 26-27, 1994

The Body Cavity Search on April 27, 1994

Transfers To The Regional Treatment Centre

The Board of Investigation

Segregation Post-April 26 -- the P4W and the Penthouse at the B.C. Penitentiary

Measuring the CSC’s Performance against Its Mission Statement

The Arbour Recommendations -- Developing a Culture of Rights

Managing Segregation within a Framework of Legality

The Effects of Segregation -- The Pains of Imprisonment versus Behavioural Deep Freeze

Postscript: "The Most Comprehensive Empirical Review . . ."