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A Personal And Public Journey in Search of Justice
Locating Justice Behind the Walls on the Correctional Map
The Organization of Justice Behind the Walls

Sector 1
Chapter 1 Change and Continuity in the Canadian Prison: Lessons from Scholarship
Chapter 2 "Good Corrections": Organizational Renewal and the Mission Statement
Chapter 3 Corrections, The Courts and the Constitution

Sector 2
Chapter 1: Life Inside A Kaleidoscope
Chapter 2 Along the Red Road
Chapter 3 Operation Big Scoop
Chapter 4 The Life and Death of the Electric Man

Sector 3
Chapter 1 The Disciplinary Process 1972-92: Wardens Court to Independant Chairpersons
Chapter 2 The Disciplinary Process at Matsqui
Chapter 3 The Disciplinary Process at Kent
Chapter 4 Bringing Justice to the Disciplinary Process
Chapter 5 The Disciplinary Process -- 1997-8

Sector 4
Chapter 1 Administrative Segregation: The Litmus Test of Legitimacy
Chapter 2 Administrative Segregation at Matsqui and Kent,1993-6: The Persistence of Customary Law
Chapter 3 The Arbour Report: The Indictment of a System
Chapter 4 The Task Force on Administrative Segregation 1996-7
Chapter 5 A Deadly July: Prison Politics, Staff Realities and the Law

Sector 5
Chapter 1 Involuntary Transfers: Greyhound Therapy Then and Now
Chapter 2 The Special Handling Units: The Corruption of Correctional Principles
Chapter 3 Prison Visiting: Lifelines to the Community
Chapter 4 The Power to Search and the Protection of Privacy
Chapter 5 Super Max to Club Fed: The Journey from Outlawry

Sector 6
Correcting Corrections: The Remedial Toolbox
The Grievance System -- Through the Eyes of a Prison Ombudsman
The Grievance System: Through the Eyes of the Arbour Commission
The Arbour Proposal for a New Judicial Remedy
The Correctional Investigators Proposed Remedy
The Correctional Investigators Millennium Report
The CCRA Five-Year Review
Judicial Review -- The Residual Role of the Courts
Lawyers Dream or Correctional Administrators Nightmare?

Conclusion: Human Rights and the Prison at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century